Give yourself a KISS!

Simpler’s better. So give yourself a KISS.

You do this by eliminating unnecessary complexity.

But by saying simpler, I didn’t mean dumbed-down.

What's that KISS?

KISS stands for "Keep It Simple, Stupid"

Clarence “Kelly” Johnson was a renowned aeronautical engineer at Lockheed Martin for over 40 years. He headed their secret division named Skunk Works, a now-common name for R&D departments that was initially an inside joke. (They worked near an awful-smelling plastics factory.)

Johnson came up with KISS during World War II. It was a way to remind his team that their state-of-the-art jets still had to be repaired by average mechanics with basic tools.

He died in 1990, but “Keep it simple, stupid” lives on as a valuable motto for many professionals.

Complexity frightens and freezes.

As an affiliate marketer, we are in the business of selling other's products.

No matter what you are selling (an idea, a product, a concept), the consumer does not care how complex or clever the creation is.

What matters most to them is how useful it is for them and their lives.

The idea, product or service you promote must make sense to them - not to you - to them.

More often than not, the simpler these things are, the more likely it is that they will be useful to consumers.

Your audience (or consumer) is not at your level.

You may be (or consider yourself) a Subject Matter Expert (SME), do not conclude that your audience or consumer is at your level.

They are not.

In your selling approach, you are first trying to explain and educate.

You want to engage and keep people attracted to you and what you have to say or write.

You want to provide many "Aha" moments - the time at which all comes together and feels so clear to them because they "get it".

Keep it simple, stupid

My readers know I am an advocate of keeping things simple and logical.

Another perspective to this is that if you cannot explain something yourself simply, then you do not understand it enough.

When we understand something, it makes sense, and it becomes simple for us.

So, kiss me baby!

All the best,


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