Category: Webdesign

How to use images to increase website Traffic

Content marketers know that SEO, keywords, and good content layout generate website traffic. Using images the right way is another manner to increase your website traffic. Often forgotten, images are also content on their own, although we use them to illustrate our idea. They are a very important part of...
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How to choose colors for your web design

Color. It’s everywhere. Colors influence our visitors where to look, what to click, and how they interpret elements on a website. it’s important to understand how to choose colors for your web design, how to harness their power. Color wheel We separate colors in a color wheel into three...
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Does it still matter staying “above the fold”?

Does it still matter staying “above the fold” when creating your homepage? It’s important because it is what people see first. It’s what attracts the most attention. It holds your brand logo and USP (Unique Selling Proposition) In Affiliate Successes case; the USP is “Becoming a successful affiliate marketer” What...
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