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Why you no longer need to reel into Instagram

Why you no longer need to reel into Instagram.  Let me explain that one. “To reel” means according to the Macmillan dictionary to move backwards quickly; move in a way that is not steady; feel very shocked, upset, or confused. Let me take the confusion away about Instagram Reels. What is...
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Email marketing tools for small business pages on Facebook

Facebook confirms a test of Email Marketing tools for Small Business Pages Contacts you can enter individually or uploaded from spreadsheets. Confirmation According to Adweek Facebook confirmed that it is testing new email marketing tools for pages with a few small and mid-sized businesses. The new tools, when they...
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Social sharing is a necessity, not a luxury.

Another way to get raving fans is the use of social sharing.  No, it is not a luxury but a necessity if you want to build an audience that visits your website on a regular base. To stand out in that crowd of over 1.5 billion websites on the...
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