Affiliate marketing: what can you do with it?

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So, affiliate marketing, what can you do with it?

Affiliate marketing has matured and can no longer be put away as an intrusive way to get visitors to convert into buyers.

Overall results according to PerformanceIn indicate that affiliate marketing is ranked as a top-three channel for customer acquisition (ranked #1 by the majority of those respondents) and is relied on as a proven and critical revenue driver by all respondents. To put this distinction into perspective, 20% of respondents ranked affiliate as their top choice for customer acquisition followed by paid and organic search (16%) and display (15%).

As a company, you might struggle to stand out

Many companies struggle to stand out in the flood of information consumers are confronted with.

That struggle is the main reason why affiliate marketing spending grows at least 10 percent annually. Research firm Forrester expects the US e-commerce market to reach $ 500 billion by 2020. Affiliate marketing accounts for $ 70 billion of that sales revenue. In other words, 14 percent.

What does this mean for an affiliate marketer?

Whatever your niche is; influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of affiliate programs. Logical too - we take on more from family and friends than from commercial brands and influencers that appeal to us are considered on the same level as family and friends.

What can you do with affiliate marketing?

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I don't mean as a company, but you that want to be the link between the company and the potential buyer.

In marketing terms also known as the publisher.

You build an audience that trusts you because you solved a need or problem with your information and offered products.

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