Is there a future in affiliate marketing?

Is there a future in affiliate marketing? In my opinion, and many other experts in the field, it does.

January is the typical month that each industry looks back at in the past years' predictions & results, revealing new trends for the coming years. The affiliate marketing industry is no different.

Let us start with some awesome facts...

Some facts

Affiliate marketing has been a critical strategy for many ecommerce businesses for many years since its inception, back in 1989.

In fact, affiliate marketing spend in the USA alone, is to reach $8.2 billion by 2022, according to Statista. That’s up from $5.4 billion in 2017. It’s an impressive projection, but not surprising.

The United States accounts for 68.83% of affiliate marketers’ traffic source, followed by Europe with 13.39% and the United Kingdom with a traffic share of 4.46%. (Hallur, 2021)

According to Rakuten, an affiliate network, as of 2016, 81% of brands and 84% of publishers leverage affiliate marketing.

38% of marketers call this model one of the top customer acquisition methods according to AM Navigator.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional advertising (TV, radio, billboards) and generates 3X leads.

Over 50% of affiliate marketing traffic is generated from mobile devices. (SaaS Scout, 2020), so make sure your website is mobile friendly if yours isn't.

Remember 2020?

It was a strange year that started with a pandemic bang.

Businesses had to continually reinvent themselves and appeal to existing and new customers.

Because of the pandemic, e-commerce (shopping online) increasingly grew and will continue to do so in the coming years.

In some areas, online shopping has become the only way to purchase products. It forced people to go shop online if they already didn't do. This will continue in 2022.

Since April 2020, over 30% of online shoppers who made their first purchase from a brand used an affiliate link. (Awin, 2021)

People who found their way to online shopping will keep doing so even after the pandemic.

Fair warning to you

Some people in the affiliate marketing industry chase money and don't care about what they promote, even promoting fraudulent programs as long as the bucks rolling in. Not caring about their followers.

The Federal Trade Commission, Food and Drug Administration and other government organizations have been cracking down on claims made in affiliate marketing campaigns and you should expect this trend to continue in 2022.

"Affiliates should take note that the FTC will hold you personally and financially accountable for false or unsubstantiated marketing claims,” said the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection after ordering a group of affiliate marketers to pay more than $4 million to settle charges they promoted a fraudulent business."

Affiliate marketers are in demand

“The affiliate market will definitely grow, because after the pandemic, many were forced to look for income while sitting at home. This is an attractive market for many and can bring good profits."

According to Anna, general manager at Mobytize.

Affiliate marketing is a thriving business model and will continue to do so in the years to come.

With that said, a fair warning...most people who start an online business in affiliate marketing make little money.


Those people can’t push themselves hard, hard enough.

In fact, most of them enroll in a training program to learn how to build a business, and they never take action.

Without action, you can’t expect any results.

Wherever in the world you are, I look forward to working and growing with you.

All the best,


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