Wealthy Affiliate Successes – July 2020

Wealthy Affiliate Successes - July 2020

Wealthy Affiliate Successes for the month of July 2020

If you still wonder if affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate as your guide to success works, here are some Wealthy Affiliate success stories. (click the headlines to read the full success story)

Oh My! $1400+ In One Day! Affiliate Marketing Is Amazing!

At a time when so many people don't have jobs, she's able to earn like this.

My 6 Months Website Report

This website just turned 6 months old and made 217 sales for a total of $7.225

Commissions Received $507

I have followed the Online Course to build my blog out and The Live Webinars, on Friday, I earned $507 in commissions.

Proud on my 1st Sales as Affiliate Marketer!

With complete guidance and training here, she got her first small earnings but a HUGE award being Affiliate Marketer.

My Website Made Me Proud Today

She got her first PayPal pay out from one of her CBD affiliate programs; it was $756.00.

I just got $23.50 - Congratulations! A Recurring WA Commission!

$23.50 I know is not going to buy me that Paris vacation, but it is still exciting to get these emails every once in a while. $23.50 here and $250 there... It all adds up.

Made My First $300 As An Amazon Affiliate

Woke up by my bank's notification, and it has Amazon Service deposited $330 into my account at 5 a.m.,baby, I was trying to figure out what was going on and I had to investigate is this. Like, what's really going on. Checked my Amazon affiliate account. And there it was. Nothing but years fell from my eyes, cause all the hard work that I was putting in to create some great content and blog that's easy on the eyes, clean organized and fun.

There it is, my very first sale, so excited!

She was so very excited to write this post as she has been working very hard for 8 months now to accomplish the milestone of her first sale.

My First Commission!

Well, it has taken me 79 days, but I've finally made my first commission. Not quite retiring yet given that it was a whopping $5.20 but I'm ecstatic nonetheless.

My Best Affiliate Commissions $16K+ in 1 day $15K+ the next day

I have been on the limit many times, making 9k+ commissions, but I didn't want to write this before I went over 10k from 1 affiliate commission. My best affiliate commission before this one was 9,8K , but that is close but no cigar.

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