Wealthy Affiliate Successes – May 2020

Wealthy Affiliate Successes for the month of May 2020

If you still wonder if affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate as your guide to success works, here are some Wealthy Affiliate success stories. (click the headlines to read the full success story)

April 2020 Went Well! Looking Forward

He just crossed the $200, earning in a single month for the first time from his Amazon affiliate niche website.

$854 in 3 Days Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

Since May 1st, he is been waking up from bed and seeing these commissions popping up on his phone, $130 here and $118 there.

Feel always so good to have made a commission at Wealthy Affiliate

With much happiness, he likes to announce that he has made a commission at Wealthy Affiliate.

Made my first commission online ever today!

He made his very first commission online ever!

I love to wake up and see Warrior Plus commission's notice

He got commissions from Warrior Plus regularly when he added his own custom bonuses to my launch jacking review videos.

My First $3.75K Month, 2.5 Years Later! (Patience Pays Off)

In this post you'll learn how I used my post-surgery 2-year 'lockdown' to do the work and how now I'm collecting the rewards during the actual crisis and lockdown we see worldwide.

My First Sale

She would have known sooner cause was from a few days ago but is thrilled.

Oh #Happy day! Made my first commission and first two leads!

Going through last week's stats, she noticed suddenly she got two new leads last week and a small lead commission!

My First $500.00 Day - In Just Over 50 Days

He was paying an SEO agency $575.00 a month only to watch my rankings and website authority drop further down every month. Now he could finally fire that agency and still make money.

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