Wealthy Affiliate Successes – June 2020

Wealthy Affiliate Successes for the month of June 2020

If you still wonder if affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate as your guide to success works, here are some Wealthy Affiliate success stories. (click the headlines to read the full success story)

Operation Vegas: May Update - Bad News & Good News

While her traffic dropped, she had the best month yet in terms of referrals and sales.

May Monthly Report + Profit First. $1,612.50 in 2 months

If we can get into the habit of receiving income and putting some into a "profit account" first that you don't touch, then the business can always be profitable.

Is this really happening?

"Wow! I am super stoked as I received my second sale for a guitar in a month."

I am now a four-figure earner ($5000 this month)-Thank you Wealthy Affiliate.

He informs us that his website is finally in the four-figure income.

I'm now a 4 figure earner!

He usually is not a person who shares his financial results here. It's just a matter of personal privacy.

However, he wanted to show everyone (especially the new members) that it can be done!!!

May '20 : $1,145 NEW month RECORD

"And it seems that for me results are slowly coming finally with May of 2020 being my best month yet making in total $1,145 which is by far my highest record yet."

5 dollars everyday passive income thanks to WA

He has been looking at one of his affiliate commissions and realized that he was getting +-$5.00 a day. Imagine working up in the morning only to realize that you have already made money while asleep.

Social Media Magic!

Waking up to commissions $$ appearing as if by magic in your Paypal and Stripe account is pretty darn cool I got to admit, in fact it never gets old

5 Sales

As you can see above, it's a message from Kyle congratulating me on my first 5 sales. I was so excited when I received this message. I am sure you know that feeling when you know someone out there is looking out for you!

Commission Received $110

His own funnel system . Now this earns him hundreds per day and has just literally paid him $110 today . This by the way  without the associated affiliate ventures inside of it , all of which pays him money monthly.

$512.40 in the last 3 days - stay encouraged!

Along came some sales and then suddenly you forget about the fact that you felt like throwing in the towel, as it once again brings great encouragement.

My First $1000 Sale … Don’t Doubt The Power of Social Media

"For those of you who have read many of my blogs here at WA you will know I love Facebook for traffic and this is why ... my first high ticket sale"

Commission Received $25.92

It was very nice to wake up and check my emails on Saturday morning to see that, though smaller than my last commission, this one was from a brilliant advertising platform.

Commission Received $442

Thanks to building his blog, in accordance with the Online Course, and Live Trainings at Wealthy Affiliate.

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