Wealthy Affiliate Successes – August 2020

Wealthy Affiliate Successes for the month of August 2020

If you still wonder if affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate as your guide to success works, here are some Wealthy Affiliate success stories. (click the headlines to read the full success story)

First Sale!

So, I joined WA at the end of April 2020. I had no idea what I was doing, but the excitement and positivity was there in abundance.

I have just logged on to my Amazon account and noticed I have made my first sale. I am so happy, as all my hard work is paying off. Yes, it's just one sale, but that means so much and it shows that I am going in the right direction.

Another Commission

These emails are so fun to get. They all add up when you have multiple streams of income. I am even getting some donations from the video interviews I have been doing.

Finally! I made my first Affiliate Commission £35

When you are told you make money in your sleep with Affiliate Marketing, it is true! I am still pinching myself, trying to make sense of where the money came from. It is definitely from Affiliate Marketing because my Awin Dashboard shows it and it took only 2 hours between the click and the transaction to be made.

Spent £10 on Pinterest Ads Made £80 in Affiliate Commission

My objective was to use the only post on my website with Affiliate links. So I made a catchy pin on Canva, added a link to the post, but I forgot to choose a target for my pin campaign. However, the result is impressive.
I just checked my Awin dashboard, and I discovered that 3 clicks out of 89 clicks have converted to sales. That is a total of £80 made from £10.

$195.50 again

There's a post/affiliate program that keeps on spitting commissions to my account month after month even though I haven't touched it at all for 1,5 years.

This came from a post that I haven't touched for 1,5 years! (I'll go to update it right now because it still says "2019 review")
This post has been giving commissions like this quite regularly.

Cause I am happyyyy 😀

WOW, I got my first email today I will be paid! At first I read it was 74,85 and I was so glad. So I printed it to hang on my cupboard and wanted to highlight the amount. Only then I read it correctly: 574,85.

Since then, I sing that song from Pharrell Williams. I am so happyyyy !!!

Made First Commissions

I made my first commissions today on 5 different affiliate programs!!!

My First sale happened today. $25.95

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm happy and proud to announce that today marks the official first sale using the WA platform. I earned $29.95 from an ebook sale posted on my blog.

I am Very Exited.My first Commission $93.54

I am busy to make a website and did not check my email this month .When checked my mail today, I saw a mail from ClickBank that I have received $93.54 commission for selling a product.

Wooohoooo, First Sale.

Wooooohooooo, Just checked my amazon affiliate and discover this.... Lol.. my first sale. I know as a family we all understand what it means, especially for a newbie with a new website without the knowledge of been an affiliate.

I have made my first Sale

I just logged into ShareASale to grab a link. This is what I saw. Current Balance: 45.48$. 

Wow, you could have knocked me down with a feather. My site was made on the 14th April 2020. That makes it 
4 and a half months old. I just cannot believe it. My very first sale.

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