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Don’t forget about your blog comments!

Blog comments are a great way to build up your branding and authority within your niche. As Pat Flynn says: ” “Without comments, a blog isn’t really a blog. To me, blogging is not just about publishing content, but also the two-way communication and community building aspects behind it.”  I...
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Spice up your blog with free images from Google

When we create blog articles we want them to be easy to read and spice them up with images and if possible with free ones. People are visual by nature and if they come on to a website that is nothing but text, it can become pretty boring really...
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What’s the best way to be a blog beast?

A business blog is a marketing channel that helps businesses increase visibility online, brand awareness. In my post “The first steps to success in affiliate marketing” I said; you will be writing a lot of content to reach out to your audience. In other words: be a blog beast....
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