What’s the best way to be a blog beast?

A business blog is a marketing channel that helps businesses increase visibility online, brand awareness.

In my post "The first steps to success in affiliate marketing" I said; you will be writing a lot of content to reach out to your audience. In other words: be a blog beast.

In this second step, we gonna address this. (You can read step 1 here in case you missed it: "What is your website about? How to choose your niche?")

When you write a blog post, focus on helping to solve the problems of your readers. They’re counting on you.

Business blogging isn’t all about you. If you're not providing value to your ideal prospects and customers (i.e. answering their questions, addressing their ideas), you're taking the wrong approach to blog for business and are unlikely to attract traffic or subscribers.

Why should you blog?

Firstly; it helps drive traffic to your website that you can convert into leads and eventually in happy customers of the products you promote.
Secondly; it helps establish authority. The best business blogs answer common questions their leads and customers have. If you're consistently creating content, that's helpful for your target customer, it'll help establish you as an authority in their eyes.

How often should you post on your blog? It depends on you, the time that you have and the way you like to work.
I do suggest planning out a content schedule and sticking to it. Be a blog beast by posting 5 times a week if you just start with a new blog.

Be relevant

Be relevant to your topic. There are several steps to take to be a successful affiliate marketer. One of them is how you should monetize your business blog by researching and choosing affiliate programs you want to join. Although this is also a crucial step it is not meant to be addressed here.

Length of your blog post

Every page on your site needs to contain a certain amount of words to be able to rank. How long your text should be depends on the kind of page: regular posts (more than 300 words), whereas cornerstone content should be exhaustive and therefore needs to contain a significant amount of words (900 words) (according to Yoast SEO)

The use of a focus keyword or keyphrase

Let me first explain what a focus keyword or key phrase is...
It is the search term that you most want your page to rank for, so when people search for that keyword or phrase, they should find you.
Unless you’re a high authority site and you’re already ranking for a specific keyword, you should NOT use it more than once. Ranking for that one specific focus keyword is possible if you write an awesome cornerstone article about that focus keyword.
Another reason why you should not use it more than once is that you do not want to compete with your content for a position in Google.

Why spelling and grammar are important.

One of the easiest ways to discount your business’s credibility is to fall victim to spelling errors and poor grammar...

First impressions matter. If your content is plagued by poor grammar, people will probably think twice about the quality of your products or services.

Making spelling mistakes looks silly and unprofessional. So check not once but twice


Spice up your blog articles with images

When we create blog articles, we want them to be easy to read and spice them up with images and if possible with free ones.

People are visual by nature and if they come on to a website that is nothing but text, it can become pretty boring

Spread the word!


Make sure people can subscribe to your blog, this can be achieved by creating a mail list your visitors can opt-in for by providing you with their name and email address.

Social share

The various social media platforms at your disposal in order to gain traction for blog articles are countless. Of which Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are probably the most known to you. But there are many more around.

Social sharing is a necessity, not a luxury.

Final say

When writing you try to build a relationship, show them you are a person they can relate to, not just some random person trying to sell the next (shiny) object...

Use a picture of yourself in your blog post. This will show people you're not hiding behind your website and you're not afraid to back up your writings.

Respond to comments on your website, interaction with your audience is one of the key factors to get them to return to read more and eventually turn them into customers.

Are you ready to be a blog beast?

All the best,


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