Things to consider before starting a business online

The internet offers many ways for you starting a business online.

One of those ways (the best way?) is affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is earning a commission by promoting other people’s products.

So you can go to a company (or an affiliate network of companies) and sign up with their affiliate program and start promoting their products with the affiliate links they give you.

When people click on your links, it will take them to their website and if they buy something, you will earn a commission!

Why it is the time to start now

According to PerformanceIn affiliate marketing is ranked as a top-three channel for customer acquisition.

In times of this pandemic, you are like most spending more time than ever online... spending most of your money online vs offline.

I have actually never seen the Internet this rife with activity and opportunity. The crazy part is that I write this as I am in “lock down” in Belgium, under government orders until summer at the earliest to social distance. Almost all businesses are closed... no restaurants, no clothing stores, and so on.

Why not jump on this wagon by starting an online business now!

Affiliate marketing is helping other people

The best way to use affiliate marketing is recommending products to other people what you think it’s best to used to help them fix a problem or find a solution to something that they’ve been searching for.

This will create trust.

If you can create trust with your audience, then you will have created a great brand for yourself and you will reap the benefits of this trust as people will click on your affiliate links and buy your recommended products or services.

If you can concentrate on helping others versus selling to others, then you will master this affiliate marketing thing in no time!

What I recommend you to do

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