Your readers are just a click away

On the internet, your readers are just a click away.

As content creators, writers, or marketers, we want people to read what we write.

That they return for more the next time you hit that publish button or subscribe to your newsletter.

You are writing to people not to search engines.

Google is not the God of the digital world and so aren’t the other search engines.

Keyword research is important for ranking in those search engines, but stuffing your articles with keywords will have the opposite effect of what you want to reach and, even worse, you might get banned by those search engines.

Usually the articles you write this way are not enjoyable to read, even might feel unnatural to your readers.

Nowadays, the search engines and your readers are smart cookies and know immediately that you are not writing to the benefit of them, but only for your profit.

This brings me to the next subject...

Don't wear your sales hat all the time.

As an affiliate marketer, we make our money by promoting other one's products via our unique link provided by the product owner.

That's our core business.


If you are serious about this business model, make it work for you, you need to be a problem solver for your audience.

This you do by giving your reader the valuable information they were looking for.

Be genuine in the solutions (read products) you offer to solve that need or problem.

If you truly helped them, they will buy from you again.

Because they know they can trust you.

Your readers are just a click away.

At the end of the day, we establish trust if the person on the other end of your content likes you.

People like you if they think you are funny, if you are helpful, if you are interesting, and/or if they can relate to you.

Some marketers out there may see you just as a "click" but if you treat them that way and don't fully grasp the concept of the human element in your business... don't communicate in a way that is engaging, and that captivates your audience.

Guess what?

They are all one click away from leaving in the same way they were a click away to arrive.

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