Advice on finding the right business mentor

When you want to start a business online finding the right business mentor can be a pain.

With so many people out there who do you choose, when do you know you have the right fit for you?

Have a straightforward plan

What is it you want to do?

Having a straightforward plan on what you want to achieve with your business online is necessary. Write bullet points on what you want to achieve, then add actionable steps that promises you progress in your business online. 

With actionable steps I mean, for instance, searching for a proper theme for your website. 

While “Creating a website in WordPress” might be part of your plan (bullet point), it is not an actionable step but looking for that one theme you want is.

Put time stamps on it to have it done. 

This helps you to focus on the tasks you set out for yourself and not fall victim of procrastination.

You delay these tasks and do something else instead… so you procrastinate.

To avoid this; schedule your work sensibly and to your natural rhythms, to your advantage. 

When you really have to concentrate, set aside for some time, this can be 30min to an hour or whatever you want. 

It all boils down to what is your perfect schedule.

Break big jobs down to smaller ones so your tasks don’t get boring or daunting. No one likes to spend many hours on just one task.

Ok, I have my plan… how do I find the right business mentor?

'Can you grow my business?’ is a really hard request to wrap my head around.

If you’ve done your homework to understand why it’s me you want, that’s super important

With homework, I mean, found tasks that you can’t do without some professional help.

Be careful with whom you choose as your mentor

The internet(www), or the “wild wild west” I dare to call it sometimes, is also filled with cowboys which promise you the world, money overnight, so-called shortcuts to your success.

In marketing terms we call that falling victim of “the shiny object syndrome”

Actually, the truth is that you need to work hard and put in a lot of time and effort to build a successful business online

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