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To build an audience of raving fans for your website, you need to have a vast array of knowledge that is all the different types of traffic generation.

In steps one and two, I told you how to choose your niche and build your website with WordPress.

In this step, I going to show you how to build an audience of raving fans for your website. The importance of having the right audience

The importance of having the right audience

A niche is a small area, so people in business always use it to describe a "small area" of the market. Lots of people use the word interchangeably with "topic". So when someone asks, "What's your niche?" they mean, "What's your website about?"

Now a very popular industry (but also very competitive) is weight loss. Read that right; it's an industry, not a niche. For a niche, it is way too broad. So if you want to tap into this industry, you need to narrow down to find an audience...your audience. For instance: "Weight loss for men over 50".

Remember, in step 2 I said to pick a niche you know about. Ideally, a passion or interest or hobby as you will need to write a lot of content for it to attract people to your website.

Now that you know who your audience is and who you should target, let's look at what you should do now.

How to get an audience of raving fans

You will invite people to join your list. This is done by asking them to provide you with their name and email address in order to receive emails from you.

Often they get a piece of digital, downloadable content, such as a free PDF checklist, report, eBook, whitepaper, video, etc. in return for that information.

Now that you have names on your list you will need to talk to these people. After all, they have given you their email address for that very purpose.

You will write a short series of emails that go out to each new subscriber in the days, weeks or even months after they signed up to your list.

The need for automation

Save time automating your email sequences by using an autoresponder

Autoresponders are e-mails that are sent automatically to your mailing list

Marketers use autoresponder functionality to send both promotional and educational content at the right time without much work. With each email series, the sender should set out to address the concerns of their prospects and emphasize the benefits of their businesses, products or services.

Very well-known autoresponders are GetResponse, MailChimp, AWeber, and HubSpot among many others.

Last but not least

You might have the best product in the world, but if you have no or right audience to show it to, you cannot sell it.

All your hard work and effort, invested time, and money will be all for nothing.

If you are involved with internet marketing, you most likely have heard by now one of the most important proverbs of online business: “The Money is in the List”.

The phrase describes the relationship between large email lists and long-term internet marketing success (making money online).

Money doesn’t grow on trees, it grows in your list and all those times you’ve heard that your list is your business, it’s true.

Having a list is the best way to deepen a relationship with your audience. It’s where you share your story, your purpose, and your insight. It’s where you can turn prospects into raving fans.

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