Google Guaranteed badge? Then $50 a month please

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You could already advertise in the Local Pack via Google Ads for some time and show a Google Guarantee badge. And soon you can show "Google Guaranteed" in your organic display in the Local Pack. You can tick away $50 per month for that.

What is Google Guaranteed?

Google Guaranteed is a badge that is displayed with entries in the Local Pack with which your customer has a guarantee on the job you have performed. Google Guaranteed also applies if you advertise locally via other Google Ads services with affiliates. 

At the moment, this is only available in North America and has not yet been rolled out in Europe. First you have to meet a number of requirements and the badge is only displayed with a paid listing via Google Ads.

Warranty up to $2000

When a customer books you as a local service provider via your Google Ad with the mention "Google Guaranteed" next to it, he has a guarantee on your work via Google. If they are not happy with your work or something is wrong, they can claim up to $2000 from Google. So only with an ad, and only if the customer books through that ad.

Understand the Google Guarantee

The Google Guarantee protects you when you hire a Google Guaranteed business. You will see the Google Guarantee icon on Google surfaces next to covered providers. Use the contact options including Call and Send request, schedule a booking, or dial the number that appears in the listing to contact the business. 

Services must be booked through Google Local Services. If you contact the business in any other way (such as another phone number or their website or directly from one of our partner affiliates websites) you are not protected by the Google Guarantee. Read all here...

Will Google continue?

Currently, Google Guaranteed is only rolled out in North America and few people have seen this offer to upgrade their business profile. Knowing Google, it can also be a test after which they can decide to withdraw it. Because it is really not only successful, what Google launches.

What do you expect from this development? Will Google push it through and will it eventually arrive in Europe?

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