Have you met anyone who said they didn’t want to be successful?

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Have you ever met anyone who said they didn't want to be successful?

Have you ever met anyone who said they wanted to completely fail to reach their dreams and goals?
Everyone says they want to be successful...so why isn't everyone successful?
We all know the answer - it doesn't matter what a person says, but it matters what they do.
There are many more talkers than there are doers in the world.

Are you willing to pay the price of success?

It means you will get fully engaged and focused on your goals, and take massive action to reach them.

It doesn't mean that other people can't help you (they can). 

It doesn't mean that you won't experience setbacks (you will). 

 It doesn't mean that there aren't times when you won't be tempted to compromise your goal (getting distracted from your goal with a shiny object offers)....because it will tempt you to do many times.

Instead, spend approx. 80% of your time in activities that directly increase your lead flow, your prospecting, and your enrolling opportunities. 

Again, this can build autoresponder series, sourcing lead partners, building your own lead generation systems, building and using high-power prospecting/closing scripts, and putting the math of marketing in your favor.

Spend approx 20% of your time in activities that are necessary, but do not directly increase lead flow, your prospecting, and your enrolling opportunities. Like for instance writing blog posts (just like this one) ,clearing out email, updating your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn whatever. Doing research online or follow trainings. 

At the end..

We can blame things like the economy, personal challenges, physical limitations, outside responsibilities or events...and even though those things might all be true, they are not the determining factor in your success or failure.
But it all boils down to this: the determining factor is YOU - your creativity, your persistence, your motivation, your action.

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