Someday I will….whatever


Someday I will....whatever

Are you someone who constantly putting off things to do, or are you someone who takes action when needed?

We all are a victim of it

Yes, we all have those moments we don’t feel like doing the things that should be done. I have them too.

But when this is a daily habit, and it prevents you from becoming the successful person you want to be.... then it is a problem you should fix right away. Unless you don't care...that's fine with me too.

4 forms of procrastination

I work well under pressure

Putting yourself constantly under pressure and tight on time forces yourself to get the task done to your unreasonably high standards (read perfection) and actually does not get you started as you realize it is impossible to do.

When you focus on when you will begin a task and not when you hope to end it you'll take a tremendous amount of pressure off of yourself.

I am so lazy right now

This procrastinator is the opposite of lazy, so when they don't do something they are extra hard on themselves. They don't admit they are tired and need a break.  

Take that break; go out for a walk. Recharge yourself.

I'm so busy

You enthusiastically fill up up your agenda with tasks to do, but when time is due to do it you come up with excuses for not doing.

This indicates avoidance rather than facing a challenge. Take a moment of introspection. Ask yourself: What am I really avoiding?

I have an idea!

You have a terminal case of Shiny Object Syndrome. You're constantly coming up with new projects to take on ...and then getting bored with them a week later. 

If you want to see results, finish what you are currently working on. 

Have a great idea? Nothing wrong with that. Write it down and only begin when you finished your project you were working on.

Setting goals

Setting goals for yourself can help you prevent of falling a victim of procrastination.

Make sure those goals are clear and measurable. Saying" I want to have more money" is too vague. Here is a dollar (or euro in my case) now you have more money. Instead, say: I want to have x amount of money by the end of this year. This is clear and measurable. Makes you accountable for it.

To reach long-term goals, break them down into smaller goals, achievable into weeks or even days. 

Put timestamps on them, when you want to start them and have them finished. And stick to it!

Someday is not a day of the week

Do you say "someday I will read that book" or "someday I will ....whatever" ...

Someday this, someday that...

Change "someday" into "today" as one day you will run out of someday's and it will be too late. 

Nothing worse than regretting the things you did not do but should have done and aren't able to do anymore.

"Live your life like it is your last day, because one day you will be right" - Ray Charles

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