How creative are you in your business?


You can't create something out of nothing. You first must find the ideas, the "stuff" that feeds the creative process.

Ideas come while walking, recreating, or working on some other unrelated problem.

Archimedes got his sudden insight about the principle of displacement that became a law of physics while daydreaming in his bath. According to legend, he was so excited by his discovery that he rushed naked through the streets shouting, “Eureka!” (I’ve found it.)

A majority of creative thinkers reported they got their best ideas and insights when not thinking about the problem.

"If you spend your time and energy looking for reasons, things can’t work or can’t be done, you end up with nothing. You can’t create something out of nothing. You need to persistently work on your challenge and uncritically feed quantities of thoughts, ideas, opinions and observations into your subconscious mind so it has something it can actively create into the new and novel ideas you need for your personal and business lives."

- Michael Michalkow.

Reading the above a key factor to create something is "imagination".

His willingness to consider what others did not consider worthwhile equaled Charles Darwin’s richness of imagination. His colleagues would compare fresh ideas and theories with their existing patterns of experience. If the ideas didn’t fit, they would reject them out of hand. Conversely, Darwin would consider all ideas and theories to see where they led. 

The average person repeats thousands of the same thoughts, day after day. Research has shown that these follow the same pattern in your brain.  Switch the hand you wear your watch on, text with your non-dominant hand, or drive a different way home from work. You’ll create new neural patterns in your brain.

To really unleash your creativity, be drawing upon it for a worthy effort. Nothing dumb down and dampens creativity like wasting it in pursuing mediocrity.  Attempt epic things that are so intoxicating they pull you toward them.

Keeping a journal helps too, because it keeps you alone with your thoughts. This mental seclusion and introspection are always good for creation.

Sometimes your work is so brilliant others will have difficulty getting it. And sometimes it’s just crap.

Have people around who are qualified to know the difference and care to tell you the truth.

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