Why “Free” can be an ugly word for a marketer

As a new internet marketer and usually on a tight budget (and even not sure in what to invest first) then getting something for free is not only tempting but something you even love...

When you offer something for free... it's a promise of something for nothing. 

Why "Free" can be an ugly word for an online marketer...

Using a free web hosting service and domain name

With the economy the way it is, new online entrepreneurs are looking for ways to save money in their startup costs.

Everyone seems to look for free web hosting, but they really don’t understand the cost to their business by doing this.

When you use free web hosting, your URL (the web link for your website) will look something like this: http://Is-Free-webhosting-really-free.blogspot.com/

In the example above blogspot.com is the company providing the free hosting.

If this is a business blog or website, it doesn’t give the appearance that you are serious about your business.

For a more professional image of your business, it would be prudent of you to invest in a domain name and some professional hosting.

Free Autoresponders 

Is this kind of autoresponder really what you need for your business? It's free for a reason, and they may not offer you the benefits you really want. While they're better than nothing, you might find out they cost you money in the long run.

Among many other reasons, a major one is that many of these autoresponders are sold by resellers or persons with private label rights. So they don't come with back-end support.

Ask yourself — what is the price I will pay for ‘Free’?

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Using "Free" in your domain name

This might be a valid choice if you truly offer free resources to download directly from your website with no other action needed.  

But can you convert a freebie seeker into a buyer? I think it is very difficult.

Using "Free" in your (email) subject lines or content

Nothing makes your message look like "marketing speak" when using it and visitors will leave your website or instant delete your email. 

Keeping your subject lines without this word will have a noticeable impact (on your open and response rates in case of emails) 

Yes, it's hard to craft a great subject line — but it's worth it. 

Use alternative words in your content. For example: "at zero cost for you", "a gift",  or  "in return for your best email", "I need your personal information to send you X"

Well, you get the point, be creative 🙂

My final thoughts

Giving away a free product or service is one of the most powerful techniques available for customer acquisition and building brand awareness in return for their personal information.

While you don't charge them money is it not free when you ask for their personal information like name and email. 

You can do some great marketing by offering white papers/ebook/online resources in return for business intelligence.

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